PNV calls to change the law so that the King emeritus is not inviolable and Bildu wants to check out their portraits

The report of the legal counselors from the Congress for the refusal to make a commission of request on the King emeritus, Juan Carlos I , to be its sacredness “lasting” has fallen like a basin of cold water on the parliamentary gatherings that had sued the examination. Responses to this refusal have not been made pause. The PNV has requested a change of the Constitution to expel the sacredness of the ruler. Also, Bildu has mentioned the withdrawal of the representations and sculptures of Juan Carlos I of Congress. Politics

the representative of The basque patriots, Aitor Esteban , has been called attention to before entering the gathering of the Board of Spokespersons that report of the attorneys of the Camera “falls into inconsistency with the situation of the Prosecutor’s office” regarding the Public Ministry declared a week ago that truly, it will examine the King emeritus for the business that had the option to perform after that on the off chance that you renouncement in June of 2014.

“in Addition, this report is a sign that is hazardous and isn’t worthy to be sent from the Parliament, it is comprehended as a culture of exemption that couldn’t be stretched out, for instance, for the situation that we were confronted with a course of homicide,” included Were, who thinks about that “the circumstance is intense” and that it is important to “change the Constitution and let the sacredness of the King just for his political movement and not to the private”.

Additionally the representative for Bildu, Mertxe Aizpurua , has been exceptionally reproachful of the report of the legal advisors to consider that “a sacredness lasting is identical to an exemption forever.” “It’s a shock”, has brought up to then ask that they be expelled from Congress all the sculptures and pictures of Juan Carlos I “as it has been endorsed in the Face of Navarra with the votes for the PSOE and United we Can”.

Additionally the representative of ERC, Gabriel Ruffian , has alluded to this dubious report, which developed yesterday and that today will look at the Table of Congress, and has said that it is “a disgrace that it legitimizes somebody by their last name.” “You can’t have individuals in this nation reserve the privilege to take,” said the republican speaker, who has guaranteed that his gathering “doesn’t cease” in its proposition to make the commission, in light of the fact that “the PSOE are progressively increasingly scared of controling this kind of examination”.

Also, the representative of the Comuns in the Congress, Gerardo Pisarello , has been added to this postulation and has shown that he sees with great eyes look at the pictures of the King emeritus of Congress as being “made in the Barcelona city Council” on a proposition from the chairman, Ada Colau .

Congress will before long have on the table another appeal of the commission of request. Bildu needs to be researched a Felipe González after that in certain archives declassified from the CIA is referenced as a supposed advertiser of the GAL. Aizpurua has clarified that the gathering will liaise with different powers parliamentarians to advance this commission. For the occasion, it as of now has the yes of the PNV.

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